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01 ott 2015 - Terralith Kickstarter campaign
After successfully funding the Terralith Kickstarter campaign we're happy to announce the whole production is finished and ready for delivery.
This campaign was co-created with Grublin Games which will have a booth in Essen "Spiel" fair, in Germany, and we'll be their guests at stand c119, Hall 2. You can check some raw shots of the production being finalized in the "upcoming" gallery.
Also as you will notice some articles are temporarily out of stock in the e-shop, as we're planning a major reshape of our product range focusing on having more dice shapes and styles while rationalising  some of the less popular colours.

21 apr 2015 - Terralith Dice - prelaunch announcement Organic metal RPG dice coming to Kickstarter April-1
We're happy to announce that from some months we're closely working with our new partner, Grublin Games, and we are teaming up to create Terralith.
Terralith are organically designed, metal RPG dice specifically formed to break away from traditional dice design and offer something unique to gamers.

We will be raising funds on Kickstarter to produce a full set of 7 Terralith dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D100, D12, D20). Each die will be cast in Zamak and has been fully tested to ensure excellent visibility, accuracy and consistency of production.

Terralith will be offered in a variety of finishes - copper, brass, silver, black Zamak as well as a choice of vibrant colours and precious rare earth metals (e.g. Gold, Palladium and Rhodium).

Backers will be able to pledge for individual dice, or full sets, all of which will be available in a variety of colours. Stretch goals for the campaign will focus on further improving accuracy, increasing durability, expanding the colour palette available, and unlocking a whole range of Kickstarter exclusive finishes.

We decided to partner with Grublin Games because they are the partner that can succesfully run a Kickstarter campaign, properly follow founder's feedback and take care of deliveries. Along with this they also can add a great contribution to product development, sharing their ideas and taking us the community feedback.

The Terralith campaign will launch on Kickstarter on

Tues 28th April at 15:00 UTC

You can find more information about the campaign here:

Also do not forget to check the new Terralith rendered images in the "upcoming gallery" here:

You can take a look at Kickstarter "Terralith" campaign page here:

Dear all, this has been a full year, and we used it to improve some products, modify others and create new ones.

But let's start from the beginning; almost one year ago we presented "Ironburst", a miniature game that sported some great features, like interchangeable magnetized components and movable/removable parts. Such modular components are used to accurately describe the course of actions during the game and to let players create their own, customized, units. For such a complex product, we realized we needed some more fine tuning, because the miniatures' shapes were tailored for the game mechanics and vice-versa, so everything had to fit perfectly or fail.

Now, the tuning is over and the IRONBURST' miniature range is in the shop and on catalogue. The IRONBURST beta rules manual and a couple of free, downloadable, maps scenarios, will be uploaded within the end of February; during the upcoming year the manual will be integrated and modified depending also on player's feedback, and more content will be made available for download.

And for our dice collectors....yes the one you see in this image is a new dice! In the shop you will find the new D8 "Silvein" and D20 "SpaceSea-T" dice, in 4 different galvanic finish.

Last but not least the long awaited CARV serie is in the shop again; after some tests and experiments we've finally been able to cast it in zamak (zinc alloy); same great looking dice, at a better price!

The upcoming year will see many new items take shape in our metal furnace: new dice, miniatures, games and also a new luxury roleplay dice range for Kickstarter!
Stay tuned for more updates and have a great 2015!

You can download 2015 Irondrake catalogue here: download
You will find Ironburst miniatures here: Ironburst Miniatures E-Shop section
New dice are here: Irondie Accessories

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